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Safety and quality are standard equipment on our vehicle!  In addition to these, our customer service and professional drivers ensure that you are on time every single time.

High-quality transport requires high-quality equipment

Kuljetuskalusto JKantola

BMW 500-series xDrive sedan

We use a premium class black sedan. With the 2022 BMW, you can comfortably travel even longer distances. White high-quality leather seats and carefully thought-out accessories bring a luxurious atmosphere to even an everyday trip. Our four-wheel drive car can handle even the most challenging weather and route under the guidance of our professional driver.


If you wish, we can take off the taxi signs and tags from our car, making the atmosphere even more first class.

Behind the tinted glasses you and your party are invisible from the curious eyes.

Contact us and ask for a quote for quality kilometers!

Kuljetuskalusto JKantola

Larger groups

You can ask for an offer for a larger group through us. Our partners meet the same quality criteria and values ​​as we do. So we can also offer larger minivans, minibuses up to a full-size bus without any worries.

Kuljetuskalusto Rovaniemellä tilausajoissa ja pakettikuljetuksissa
Ask for a quotation in advance and get safely and on time to your destination!

J.Kantola is a Rovaniemi-based taxi and transportation company –the only one bearing the Likiliike -certificate, the proof of locality.  With our  trained and professional drivers, you can always travel safely and be on time!



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