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J.Kantola Tmi is a genuine, local and traditional transportation company. The entrepreneur’s roots in the taxi industry go way back to the 1960s when the grandparents founded a taxi in the countryside. Entrepreneurship in the family has continued from then until today.

Reliable Local Taxi


The Likiliike logo, established and certified by Rovaniemi Entrepreneurs, proofs the locality of the company.  Business can get certificate when it’s over 50% local and our company is 100% local!

J.Kantola is the first “Liki-Taxi” in Rovaniemi.

Kuljetuskalusto Rovaniemellä tilausajoissa ja pakettikuljetuksissa
Kuljetuskalusto JKantola


As a small transfer service company, we can better guarantee consistent service on both the taxi and charter side.  Every customer is equally important to us; apart if it’s a private or corporate one.

If necessary, we’ll train our drivers ourselves, even the new Finnish Act on Transfer Services doesn’t require it.


My company was founded in the autumn of 2016. However, I have gained experience in the industry since 2004, when I first sat down to the driver’s seat. For a dozen or so years, as an employee, I had time to learn this business, and as an entrepreneur I can learn even more in every day.

Under the time of old taxi law I was an entrepreneur about a year.  Even though I liked the old one more it is still interesting and enjoyable to watch what the new era brings to the taxi industry.

I hope that customers continue to rely on traditional taxis as there are good entrepreneurs and businesses left and more will surely come. We sure trust You.

Kuljetuskalusto JKantola

J.Kantola is a Rovaniemi-based taxi and transportation company. With our  trained and professional drivers, you can always travel safely and on time!



Sales for businesses and private transfers
+358 10 338 9890
weekdays 9:00-16:00

Direct number to taxi
+358 10 338 9898


Näätäpolku 42,
96900 Rovaniemi


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